Victor Rizov, EIT

I am Victor, one of the Analysts here at Brightspot. My background is in Chemical Engineering which I studied at the University of British Columbia. I started my career in Pharmaceuticals and Biotech and eventually pivoted to Sustainability after recognizing it as the most pressing challenge of the 21st century. Growing up in Calgary, I appreciate the importance of the energy sector to the Canadian economy and many of our livelihoods. That’s why I am particularly interested in renewable energy technologies, financing, and regulatory frameworks. I have experience specifically with the Renewable Natural Gas industry from my time working with Greenlane Renewables, a local Vancouver company that builds biogas upgrading equipment.

I draw much inspiration from my family which is originally from Bulgaria. I have visited Bulgaria every year of my life and I deeply value maintaining my cultural and historic roots. My grandfather was also a Chemical Engineer having worked in the metallurgical industry and later as a scientific liaison with West Germany. I’d like to think that I’m carrying on his legacy! I have lived in many different countries, including: England, France, Switzerland and Sweden. 

I’m trilingual, speaking both French and Bulgarian. Outside of work I love spending time philosophizing/debating, playing sports, and reading. I love trying new things and pushing myself to get better at things I’m awful at. My most recent ventures have been coding, guitar, ski-touring, and basketball (which has been a great way to leverage my ape-like physique). I love reading classical literature and learning about history. Feel free to hit me up with your esoteric history facts!



  • B.A.Sc Chemical and Biological Engineering, Minor in BCom, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

  • Engineer-in-Training, Engineers and Geologists of British Columbia