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Carbon pricing is a new policy tool implemented across Canada to help reduce GHG emissions, and often results in the creation of carbon markets, where high polluting sources are financially incentivized to lower their emissions, and clean technology is stimulated to grow. We’ve assisted organizations in determining optimal strategies given signals and trends in these carbon markets.

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Industrial operations across Canada are subject to government regulations requiring annual reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. These reports are often third-party verified, which ensures that these reports are accurate, consistent, compatible and in accordance with local and international standards. This is of paramount importance as these reports are used in shaping policy decisions to reduce GHGs. We have performed over 300 third-party verifications of greenhouse gas reports. Brightspot Climate Inc. is an accredited verification body by the Standards Council of Canada.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a growing area of focus in many commercial and industrial sectors. Many jurisdictions have programs in place to mandate and/or incentivize GHG emission reduction or removal initiatives. We have assisted a number of clients to develop and implement emission reduction and removal strategies and projects, across a wide range of sectors and project types.

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In response to the urgency of the climate crisis, many organizations are making commitments to pursue carbon neutrality in the short term. We’ve helped several of these organizations (including our own!) develop strategies and tangible steps to achieve this claim.

The disproportionate level of GHG emissions from the aviation industry has prompted the aviation industry to introduce sustainability measures with the goal to achieve carbon neutral growth from 2020 onwards. Brightspot helps a wide range of organizations (including our own!) develop and implement the necessary steps to become carbon neutral.

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