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Rowley Brown, P.Eng.

I’m Rowley, Brightspot Climate’s Field Manager. After starting my professional career in 2007 at an investment bank in Sydney, Australia, I joined an oilfield services provider which allowed me to live and work in some interesting places including Venezuela & Kuwait. Prior to joining Brightspot Climate, I specialized in Directional Drilling for oil and gas wells, where I worked in various technical roles including well design, drilling optimization, reservoir contact optimization and field supervision. I have always been drawn to challenges requiring innovation and problem solving, so the forward-thinking environment at Brightspot is a great place to be. I continue to enjoy working in hands-on environments, especially when it entails visiting remote, wilderness locations.

Having grown up in rural Australia, I am now proud to call Canada my home. I originally came here for the vast wilderness and 4-season outdoor recreation opportunities, and I’m always enthusiastic for a self-propelled adventure. Some of my happiest times are spent hiking, mountain biking, hunting, paddling, skiing & mountaineering. I’m now, however, bracing myself for a different pace of life as a Dad. I also have a passion for architecture and enjoy keeping up to speed on high-efficiency design and building technology.


  • B.A.Sc., Petroleum Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia, 2008

  • Professional Engineer, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta