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Rodrigo Cubedo, EIT

I am obsessed with aerospace and sustainability. I built a glider out of recycled materials for Red Bull's Flug Tag competition in Hong Kong, I have over 70 hours of flying experience and, most recently, I completed the CORSIA verification course to help make aviation carbon neutral. I'm also fluent in French and Spanish, and I am constantly looking for opportunities to help make Latin America more environmentally conscious. Work-life balance is important to me. I quantified the GHG emissions for the Banff Marathon, which is considered to be the greenest marathon on the planet. I also ran the race, completing it in just over 3.5 hours.

I was raised in northern Mexico and I have native Tarahumara blood in me. The Tarahumara are known for their nomadic lifestyle and ability to cover long distances. This heritage has been motivating me over the past ten years as I overcome the challenges that arise from living and working abroad. I also have a need for speed. During my interview at Brightspot I mentioned that if I got the job, I would get myself a motorcycle. That summer I rode my new motorcycle down to Mexico with all of my kitesurfing gear in the back. The adventure continues, this winter I put my snowboard and kite together and went snow-kiting up in Canmore, Alberta.


  • B.Eng., Mechanical Engineering, McGill University, Canada, 2016