• Sheldon Fernandes

Canada's place at the climate Table

Canada contributes less than 2% of the world’s total GHG emissions. Criticism of Canada’s progressive stance towards reducing emissions is often based on comparative analyses, especially with respect to the world’s largest emitters: China, the US, and India among them. The chart below displays the importance of Canada’s place at the table:

The chart, based on 2017 data, shows that there are quite a few other countries with similar emissions profiles to Canada’s. Excluding the three aforementioned countries and the “Rest of the World”, those with emissions of more than 1% of the global total add up to a cumulative total of greater than 25%. It’s the responsibility of all countries to reduce their emissions – global climate change is a global challenge.

Canada’s leadership on this issue could lead to a race-to-the-top with our trading partners, compounding our efforts resulting in an accelerated decrease in emissions rates.

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