Fiona D'Silva

My passion for the environment stems from my desire to inspire change and create innovative technologies for a cleaner, greener and brighter future. I grew up in a country that at the time had the largest ecological footprint in the world, and this sparked in me the need to establish change and make a difference.


I made it my mission to keep the environment the forefront of everything that I do. During my chemical engineering undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia, I developed a renewable battery powered car, hosted entrepreneurship events on energy and sustainability, designed an engineered wetland wastewater treatment system, and my capstone project was focused on designing and developing a novel carbon capture and storage technology. During my internship as a process engineer in an O&G refinery, I lead and developed an environmental and economical optimization program for Nitrogen Oxide emission reduction. I was fortunate to have attended several professional development conferences during my undergraduate degree which enabled me to present my projects to a wider audience.


I am deeply passionate about music. I am a professional violinist and have performed for events in and around Vancouver. I spend a lot of my time creating new music and I am learning about sound engineering. I also enjoy painting, reading and writing. My outdoor activities include biking, hiking and archery.



  • B.A.Sc, Chemical Engineering, University of British Columbia

  • GHG Validation and Verification, ISO 14064-3, University of Toronto

  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)