Alexandra Naudi

Sustainable development has always been the core motivation for my work and volunteering endeavors because I love exploring nature and constantly strive to create a cleaner world. I am passionate about agriculture and waste management and especially the merriment of these two fields to create circular economies. At the University of Northern BC (UNBC), I had the pleasure of being the greenhouse coordinator for a student-built dome greenhouse. There I completed a research project to design and built a compost heating system that utilized waste materials as fuel to passively heat the greenhouse and extend the growing season in Northern BC.


Outside of work, I enjoy staying busy and volunteering my time with sustainability-oriented organizations. I have been the president of the Students for a Green University and VP Programming for the Conference on Sustainability in Engineering at UNBC. In these roles, I was able to collaborate and learn from many amazing people working on environmental issues. In my free time, I love being outdoors hiking, skiing or canoeing.



  • B.A.Sc., Environmental Engineering, University of British Columbia, expected graduation 2022