Brightspot's Mission

At Brightspot Climate, we believe in protecting our world for all species and for future generations. We focus on delivering innovative and practical solutions to the climate challenge.

Our team connects the dots between business, government and the people in our communities to achieve shared sustainability goals.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are all connected and share roots, as far back as that may be. Brightspot recognizes that systemic issues have negatively impacted some of these roots; we are committed to fighting those issues head-on. Brightspot is dedicated to actions that advance the movement towards a more just and equitable society, with a focus on:

    1) Embracing the inclusion of underrepresented and minority groups;

    2) Enhancing leadership in the LGBTQ+ community; and

    3) Advancing women in professional fields, particularly in science and engineering.


The Team


Julie Tartt, C.Dir.

Senior Operations Manager

IMG_2161 copy.jpeg

Michelle Stelmach, P.Ag.

Senior Manager


Keith Knudsen, M.Sc., P.Eng

Senior Manager

Sheldon Fernandes.jpg

Sheldon Fernandes, P.Eng., MBA


Arielle and Rowley_Day2-015[1].jpg

Rowley Brown, P.Eng.

Field Manager


The Brightspot Story

The name "Brightspot" contains many facets of our company ethos. We strive to lead by example; a North Star in the climate mitigation night sky. And as much as we are excited about tomorrow’s possibilities, we also have a great respect for our history:

Brightspot School was a small, one-room school on the Saskatchewan prairies. Several members of the extended Schroeder family attended the school. In 1983, Lorne and Theresa Schroeder adopted the name for their family dairy farm, Brightspot Holsteins. Within this history, there’s a passion for our deep prairie roots and the special places we will always cherish.

At the core, our name demonstrates our company’s foundation in education, connection to the land, zeal for the environment, and hope for our families and friends. Together we can build a strong community, a healthier world, and a brighter future.