With decades of experience analyzing, quantifying and verifying greenhouse gas emissions in North America, Brightspot Climate's experts have the professional experience to solve your climate needs.

What We've Achieved

Verification of Emission Reductions (Offsets), Multiple Clients.

A key component of the emission reduction strategy in several jurisdictions is the inclusion of project level emission reductions from non-regulated sectors. Brightspot has led the verification of these emission reductions from conservation cropping (zero-tillage), wind electricity generation, landfill gas capture and hydrocarbon waste management projects, accounting for total emission reductions well in excess of 2.0 million metric tonnes.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol Development, Multiple Clients.

Brightspot has worked with private clients and two provincial environment ministries to develop methodologies and protocol documents for quantifying greenhouse gas emission reductions. This work has included leading the technical development of quantifications, establishing document requirements and quality assurance processes. Brightspot’s involvement has ranged from leading the protocol development project to participating as a reviewer or technical expert. The broad range of project types for these protocols has included agriculture (beef management, dairy management, nitrogen fertilizer management, and conservation cropping), biofuels, and hydrocarbon waste management.

Offset Protocol Development, Multiple Clients.

Brightspot has led or contributed to the technical development of numerous offset protocols for a wide range of project types, including acid gas injection, biogas, precast applications, solution gas and enhanced oil recovery. Through each of these protocol development projects, Brightspot led or contributed to the protocol quantification, eligibility, reporting and monitoring requirements. Additionally, in most cases, we facilitated the stakeholder review processes.

Guidance Document Development, Provincial Ministry.

Brightspot and project partners developed three guidance documents to the Province’s greenhouse gas reporting act and its relevant regulations. The documents clarify regulatory requirements and provide best-practice recommendations for both project developers and verifiers/validators.

Offset System Design Study, Provincial Ministry.

Brightspot and project partners developed a comprehensive offset system design report to explore the components of an offset system for a provincial ministry, which included best-fit recommendations for the region. The review explored key design criteria involving offset system management, offset criteria, data management, and verification and validation scopes. A review of registry systems in North America was included in a second report.

Offset Protocol Validation Studies, Provincial Ministry and Private Clients. 

Aaron led GHG verification projects for offset pilot projects, known as “mock verifications,” as an integral component of protocol validations studies. The protocols studied included four agricultural protocol types related to beef production and nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency. The objective of these studies was to identify barriers to implementation as well as general improvements to the respective offset protocols and to build capacity in the system connected to these protocols.