Ride to the Finish

We are very proud with the success of Banff Marathon 2019! We are sure the runners have a lot to celebrate and great memories to be kept forever. One of Brightspot’s employees, Rodrigo Cubedo, has ran for the second time this year and here he talks a little bit about his amazing experience.

“This is my second year quantifying the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the world’s greenest marathon. I never thought that a marathon would have a significant environmental footprint. But throughout the quantification I realized that most emissions are transportation related as the 2,700 plus participants make their way to Banff.

This year I decided to decrease my footprint in the best way I could. I gathered a group of three brave friends, and we began a motorcycle trip through the Canadian Rockies. The trip wasn’t easy: we got a flat tire and with it a member of the team had to return home and we lost another motorcycle 500 km away from Banff. Down to two runners and one bike, we pushed through the incredible mountainous lake views until we made it to Banff.

The day of the event is where the real effort was demonstrated. Months of planning and the tireless volunteers ensure that every bit of waste gets properly recycled. I was stopped cold as I almost put a paper looking cup into the paper bin, when a volunteer showed me that the lid of the cup was wax coated and could not be recycled there. Even throughout the race, there were bins to properly dispose of water cups and running gels.

The event had a very low footprint, but it also had a longer lasting effect as it motivated me to consider my environmental footprint throughout my lifestyle. Now back in the office, I am motivated to quantify Banff’s GHG emissions and help them identify the best ways to decrease their emissions.”

If you had no chance to participate this year, stay tuned for more in 2020!