Brightspot to Attend PEIA Energy Breakfast

Our principal, Aaron Schroeder, is excited to attend the Pacific Energy Innovation Association (PEIA)'s Energy Breakfast on June 1st in Vancouver, British Columbia.

PEIA Energy Breakfasts are early morning meetings where industry professionals and authoritative speakers can discuss current interests in an informal setting. 

The upcoming Energy Breakfast will discuss fuelling the city of Surrey's waste management fleet with biogas, as described on the event page:

The City of Surrey is presently developing North America’s first fully integrated organic waste management system.  The facility is presently under construction and scheduled for operation by early 2017.  The facility will have the capacity to process 115,000 tonnes of residential and commercial organic waste per year into over 120,000 Gigajoules of renewable natural gas (RNG) as well as over 35,000 tonnes of “Grade A” compost product that will be suitable for landscaping and agricultural applications.  Once the biofuel facility is fully operational, the City will be home to the first closed-loop fully integrated organics waste management system in North America. Under this closed-loop system, the trucks will literally be collecting their fuel source at curbside, with Surrey’s residents generating this fuel source by diverting their food and yard waste in their green bins.  The environmental benefits associated with the facility will include a reduction in corporate and community CO2 emissions by approximately 40,000 tonnes per year. This will be achieved through the diversion of 115,000 tonnes of organic waste from landfill, and the fuel switch to RNG for the City’s waste collection fleet. This project is being delivered as a public private partnership, the economic benefit of which will include a fixed-price performance-based agreement with no net cost impact to Surrey taxpayers.

The Energy Breakfast will centre around a presentation by Charlie Ker and Rob Costanzo.

Ker is the Director of Industry Relations & Refuse Segment at Cummins Westport Inc. (CWI). CWI is the leading manufacturer of natural gas engines for the North American truck and bus markets, and Brightspot looks forward to learning more about Ker's experience with Canada's "Clean Air Corridor" from Toronto to Michigan. 

Costanzo serves as Engineering Operations Manager of the City of Surrey and is, therefore, responsible for not only the City's waste management services, but also its development of a Organic Waste Biofuel Facility, an impressive project with a closed-loop, net-zero carbon impact system as its aim. 

With such a community of industry professionals, the Energy Breakfast is bound to inspire everyone in attendance.